Quest of Dungeons


What platforms?

Windows, Mac, Linux, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 4, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, iOS and Android

What engine does Quest of Dungeons use?

The game was made in a custom (built in-house) engine, in C++, uses OpenGL and DirectX for render.

I found a bug

I hope it's not a game breaking one, feel free to contact describing as much as possible what happened. I'll look into as soon as possible.

Does the game have multiplayer/co-op of any kind?

No, it's a single player experience. But you can take turns with your friends.

Are there any forums?

I tried having forums in the past but they are quickly outrun with spam, so for now the best place is the Quest of Dungeons Steam Community page. Even if you do't have a Steam account you can read everything.

Why isn't the mobile version F2P?

Do you really want to pay each time you need a potion?

What is the release date?

It was initially released on March 25th 2014. You can buy it already. Go...quickly, before they run out of digital copies :)

Who is making this game?

I usually go by DJ_Link on the internet. I made a couple other games, like Puwang and Vizati. I’m doing all the code for this game and some of the UI art and animations. Oryx did pretty much all the lovely sprite art


The game was accepted on Steam on Jan 22nd and was released on March 25th. The game is not on steam yet but there's a greenlight campaign going on, please vote and tell your friends.

But…I have more questions!

I’ll update this later. Feel free to contact me.